Tax: Applicable customs and imports duties will be charged after the parcel arrives in its designated country. These Charges must be paid separately by the customer.
2)Different products may be shipped in different periods! Thank you for your considerations!
3)As for commercial use B2B, please contact us.
4)If you can’t find any listed countries transportation cost to your destination, please contact us.
5)Selecting the different shipping methods may result in a different time of delivery.
6)Free Shipping for Hong Kong City address only(Order above US$45/HK$350)
Importing Goods to China
In accordance with the import goods regulation of custom incurred import TAX + VAT in the Mainland China, product purchased from HealthDynamic for personal use in China, it is required your personal identity card for proofing, please send your copied identity card via to us.

Special delivery arrangements during the epidemic:
1. If there are preliminary or confirmed cases in the delivery building, the delivery will be arranged on the ground floor outside the building;
2. If there are people under home quarantine in the building, all the ordered goods in the building will be placed outside the unit door.
3. If the delivery cannot be arranged to the customer’s designated address, the customer may need to pick up the goods at the SF Locker and SF Station near the designated address, please pay attention!

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