AXE specially designed Eye Care glasses

AXE has launched a series of new eye care models for children and adult users who frequently use computers or smartphones, overuse their eyes every day, and users who are affected by blue light and face symptoms of dry eye.
It is said that more than 60% of office workers suffer from dry eye.

Recent studies have also shown that when people concentrate, they blink less frequently. As the number of blinks decreases, dry eye symptoms such as eye fatigue and discomfort are more likely to occur. If it is dry and allergic, it will damage the surface of the eyeball and cause problems such as decreased vision. Long-term use of contact lenses, allergic patients, hay fever is increasing year by year, not only adults, but children hay fever is also increasing.
This is very important for young students and people who face heavy homework or monitors every day and have to work through a computer or play video games through a TV or smartphone. Therefore, this new school year, it is necessary to provide the children with a pair of such glasses to improve their eye health.

Unique features
These new eye care glasses can cover the eye area, and there has a pocket inside the side guard. Put the absorbent paper in the pocket and infusing the sheet with pure water by the Eye Dropper Bottles to provide sufficient moisture for the eyes, also prevent and alleviate the eyes get dry.

-These special eye care glasses also have an adjustable arm tip, which can be adjusted to make the glasses more suitable for different face shapes.
-Impact-resistant lenses
-UV400, anti-fog, anti-blue light lenses
-The nose pads can be installed freely and can be used as general glasses
-The soft and flexible inner frame prevents damage to the face when falling
-Safe and reliable
-can be used as normal style optical frame
Dry eye care glasses are suitable for any age and any venue

Eye Care glasses registered in the Japan Patent Office from AXE Japan. Registration Number: 3221925
Junior Model- AXE EC102J

Width: 125mm x Height: 30mm
Weight: 30 g (Frame+  Inner frame ring)
Lens size: 50 10
Lens curvature: 6C
Axe Eyes Care EC102J was awarded the Top Runner Training Business Certification from Osaka “Protecting the eyes of children”.

EC 102J (Blue)
EC-102J (Pink)
EC 102J (Dark Smoke)
Adult Model-AXE EC608

Width: 139mm x Height: 40mm
Weight: 30 g (Frame+  Inner frame ring)
Lens size: 52  16
Lens curvature: 6C
Suitable for people with small faces

Adult Model- AXE EC609

Width: 145mm x Height: 44mm
Weight: 35 g (Frame+  Inner frame ring)
Lens size: 56 17
Lens curvature: 6C


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