Mares Opera Diving Mask


  • ideal for all underwater activities
  • ergonomic shape adapts to virtually any face
  • soft hypo-allergenic silicone skirt

Technical specifications
type : two-lens
Internal volume : 105 cm3 / 6.3 in3
Materials: liquid silicone, shock-resistant technopolymers, tempered glass
Buckles: quick-adjust
Optical lenses(sold separately): negative -1 to -10 (optional)
Weight: 180 gr / 6.34 oz
Color: Clear / Blue / Black

Made in Italy

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Elegance in a two windows mask that braves the elements: Opera from Mares.
The unique styling low internal volume, and optical lens available make this a beautiful and distinctive mask, ideal for all underwater activities. Constructed using the most up-to-date technology, its ergonomic shape adapts to virtually any face thanks to the soft hypo-allergenic silicone skirt, with a lip seal that adheres perfectly to the skin. Opera has symmetrical glass panels to facilitate the application of corrective lenses. In fact, it is possible to exchange the left and right lenses without altering their focal points. Thanks to the special optical system, the desired corrective lenses (sold separately) can be easily applied in minutes. A complete range of diopter strengths is available, from -1 to -10.
The lenses are made of tempered glass according to strict international directives.(ANSI- DIN)

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