Casco Sunglasses – Great Design and Function

CASCO is a family-owned company that since its founding in 1989 has focused squarely on producing top quality products with exceptional flair. This philosophy has proved effective, as CASCO now ranks among the market leaders in the design and production of high-end helmets and glasses.

Vautron Lens
self-tinting VAUTRON automatic lens, these glasses offer unique comfort and automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions. 
High contrast definition supports precise, fast recognition of details. 
Crystal clear, fatigue-free vision.
A spare lens for change is not needed here. 

Casco SX-34 Vautron Black Sunglasses
Casco SX-34 Carbonic Black Blue-Mirror Sunglasses(with clear spare lens)
Casco SX-34 Carbonic Black Neon Yellow Sunglasses(with clear yellow spare lens)
Casco SX-25 Vautron Splatter Sunglasses
Casco SX-25 Carbonic Sunglasses
Casco SX-25 Carbonic Sunglasses
Casco SX-61 Sunglasses Crystal Rose
Casco SX-61 Sunglasses Steelblue
Casco SX-61 Bicolor Sunglasses
Casco SX-61 Bicolor Sunglasses

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