Black Knight

Black Knight Game-Changing Badminton Racket

Founded in 1976, Black Knight has a long history of creating top tier, innovative equipment for players and coaches around the world. 
Black Knight was founded in Canada by racquet sports enthusiasts committed to developing the sports they love. Black Knight is a major brand in North America and in many countries around the world.

We are pleased to introduce two high quality badminton rackets to you.

Black Knight MAX-FORCE 60 Badminton Racket

The Black Knight Max Force 60 badminton racquet, is a light weight, medium flex, and pre-strung racquet designed for beginner to intermediate players. The Max Force 60, features a 22 x 22 string pattern, and uses high modulus graphite technology to make it light weight and maneuverable. The Max Force 60 is a great choice for players who are looking to take a step up, from an entry-level racquet.


Black Knight HEX-FORCE 360 S8 Badminton Racket(Unstrung)

The Hex series models use Super G Reactive Graphite in a micro-woven matrix to generate faster frame recovery when flexed. The Hex frame uses its hex angularity for a stiff, aerodynamic cross-section that swings faster and hits harder. The Hex-Force 360-S8 extends this into the unique Hex shaft. The Hex shaft has more lateral stability and resistance to torque than conventional round shafts.


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