AXE Eyes Care Glasses EC609 Wellington Style


AXE Eye Care Glasses EC609


  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Frame: Polyamide TR-90
  • Sideguards (Inner frame ring): Soft Elastomer
  • UV400 lens
  • Blu-ray cutting processing
    (Blue light removal rate 27% * calculated according to EN standard)
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Elastic rubber temples – Adjustable to fit your face
  • Replacement nose pad – Freely install nose pads, can be used as general glasses
  • Can be used as normal style optical frame


  • Width: 145mm x Height: 44mm
  • Weight: 35 g (Frame+  Inner frame ring)
  • Lens size: 56 17
  • Lens curvature: 6C


  •  WELLINGTON STYLE – an intelligent and calm impression


  • Black and Brown

Accessories Included

  • Suction Sheets Set (5 pairs) & 1 Injection bottle
  • Replacement Nose Pad
  • Dedicated hard case
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AXE has launched a series of new eye care models for children and adult users who frequently use computers or smartphones, overuse their eyes every day, and users who are affected by blue light and face symptoms of dry eye.

It is said that more than 60% of office workers suffer from dry eye or reserve power.

Recent studies have also shown that when people concentrate, they blink less frequently. As the number of blinks decreases, dry eye symptoms such as eye fatigue and discomfort are more likely to occur. If it is dry and allergic, it will damage the surface of the eyeball and cause problems such as decreased vision. Long-term use of contact lenses, allergic patients, hay fever is increasing year by year, not only adults, but children hay fever is also increasing.

Eye Care EC609 glasses is not only for self-care at home, but also for the office without any discomfort. A dry eye care glasses suitable for any age or scene.

Inner frame Ring (Sideguards)

Safe and secure with soft material. It’s removable and washable, so it’s always clean. It also has allergy resistance, so you can use it with confidence even if you use it for a long time.
* Not all allergies are supported.

Dry Cut

These new eye care glasses can cover the eye area,  and there has a pocket inside the side guard. Put the absorbent paper in the pocket and infusing the sheet with pure water by the Eye Dropper Bottles to provide sufficient moisture for the eyes,  also prevent and alleviate the eyes get dry.

How to Insert Suction Sheet:

1.Insert the absorbent paper into the pocket inside the side guard (inner frame ring), reference the dotted red circle.
2 Infusing the sheet with pure water by the Eye Dropper Bottles.
*And wearing the glasses after 10 to 15 minutes.
3 For removal, fold the edge of suction sheet and pull out.

Dust Cut

  • Insert the sideguard to the frame.
  • Adjust the rubber tip and wear frame so that it touches your face as much as possible. The sideguards prevent the intrusion of wind, dust, pollen, etc.


  • Eye Care glasses can be used as normal style optical frame.
  • Remove the sideguard and insert the nose pad into the pin on the nose part of frame.
  • Please contact professional optician if you would like to replace the power lens.

High Impact Resistance Lens

It has excellent impact resistance, high stability and ultra-light weight. A high-performance lens that is often used in sports sunglasses.

TR-90 Frame

A material that is elastic and hard to break. It also has allergy resistance, so you can use it with confidence.


  • Do not directly look at strong light (sunlight, welding light etc.) with this product. This product does not have the function of protecting eyes from external impact.
  • Be sure to check if there is any abnormalities. If there is any damage, please discontinue to use.
  • If you experience any allergic symptoms while using, please remove it immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Be sure to attach and detach the frame with both hands. Remove the sideguard, nosepad, and suction sheet with care. Rough handling with one hand may cause damage.
  • Do not place it in a car or in hot place. There are risk of deformation or deterioration.
  • Do not wipe wet or moist lenses. There are a risk of scratches. Soak up water droplets, dry them and wipe them.
  • Do not touch lenses directly to prevent fingerprints.
  • Put in in case so that it will not be scratched during storage or transportation.
  • Use clean fresh water for the suction sheet.
  • After use, discard the water in the injection bottle without leaving it in the container.
  • If the suction sheet is dirty or torn, please use a new one.
  • Do not drive a car or bicycle with Eye care glasses because the field of vision will be narrowed if the sideguard is attached.
  • Do not store the glasses together with the moist suction sheet in a case or the like.
  • Do not store the frame together with the moist suction sheet in a case or the like.
  • Since it has a structure that covers the area around eyes, it tends to become dim, especially when used in combination with a mask. Please do not drive or do dangerous work.
  • As a guide, inject water once every 2-3 hours. Also, in a dry room using an air conditioner, inject for 1-2 hrs.
  • Replace the suction sheets every 4-5 days. If it get dirty, replace them immediately.

All product descriptions, information, and data are provided by manufacturers and suppliers. The pictures and size information are for reference only, subject to the actual product received.

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