AXE Glasses RG-20700


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  • Asian fit designed
  • Clear brown frame
  • Clear lens
  • Suitable for medium-short distance uses.
  • Can secure the sight quickly.
  • Can be splashed easily by one hand, even while working

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The AXE Glasses RG-20700 with the flip-up lens is suitable for medium-short distance uses. Springing up the lens when watch TV. Drop the lens down, used as a magnifying glass when read newspaper and do the fine work. It can always keep you clear in medium-short distance.

The frame
Plastic, stainless steel, synthetic rubber
Width: 140mm and depth 140mm

The flip-up lens
Width: 126mm and Height: 40mm

The inner frame
Width: 118mm and Height: 35mm

The inner lens
1.21 times (+1.00) The front lens: 1.33 times (+1.50) Add 2 of lens: 1.61 times (+1.00)

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