Marker 3D+Otis Ski Goggles Red (With Spare Lens)


-The new 3D+ OTIS includes a 3 mm MAP layer all along its contact surfaces helps to reduce the forces applied to those areas during an impact
-MAP high-tech protective material helps absorb impacts much more effectively
than other materials
-Independent of ambient temperature
-Notably flexible and contributes to the unique custom fit and high level of wearing comfort
-with neoprene zipper box
-Large Fit Goggles

Frame Color: Red
Filter Cat: S2/S1
Lens Tint: Red Plasma Mirror
Spare Lens: Clarity Mirror

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The 3D+ OTIS introduces a completely new lens and clasp system that is the quickest and easiest lens-changing system. The CONVERTIBLE LENS TECHNOLOGY with an extra-large field of vision eliminates the annoying fumbling associated with lens changes. The three-point Click-In´n´Lock system allows for lightning-fast lens swaps. The 3D+ OTIS models are the first goggles to add an integrated 3mm MAP PROTECTOR layer to the extremely soft, triple-layer Xdry surface that contacts the face. During a crash it absorbs impacts, helping to protect the sensitive areas around the eye sockets and cheekbones. The flexible MAP layer molds itself perfectly to the shape of the face, ensuring that the goggles sit just right.

CONVERTIBLE LENS TECHNOLOGY : The revolutionary lens fastening system for lightning-quick changes. The three-point closure system with supplemental magnet clasp works effortlessly, even when you leave your gloves on. Simply snap in the lens and the special hooks, then hold it securely in place. All 3D+ OTIS are delivered with an additional Clarity mirrored lens for use in poor or dark lighting conditions.

DUAL BIONOMIC SPHERICAL LENSES: MARKER DUAL BIONOMIC lenses are designed in a double-lens construction with an integrated thermal blocker. All lenses are oriented toward the curvature of the human eye to ensure that objects seen through the goggles look the way they really are. Unlike traditional, non-progressively tapered standard lenses, our lenses feature Bionomic Curve Lens Technology (quality class 1, ANSI Z87.1) that deliver undistorted light beams directly to the eye, which ensures 100% correct vision that doesn’t strain the eye.

Come in a lightweight neoprene box with a zipper to make transport and storage easier. The soft lining helps protect the goggles, while the vent holes allow for quick moisture evaporation

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