Sidas FWS Pro Heat Socks + FWS Pro-S Battery Sets (Random packaging delivery)


FWS Pro Heat Socks
Designed in France
Made in Bosnia
Provide ideal thermal comfort for all your outdoor activities.
Fast Heat transport with XITANIT Heat Transfer Zone
with components of X-socks
integrated clip system
Size Chart

FWS Pro-S Battery
Designed in France
Made in China
3 Heat Levels(Low-Medium-Max)
Extra powerful lithium ion battery
Last up to 16 hrs
integrated clip system

FWS Pro Heat Socks
A sock that itself generates heat, something that was inconceivable years ago, yet which today is tried and tested. SIDAS now includes the Heat Pro in the range. It’s a sock that heats up from sole through to leg. Made of XITANIT using Merino wool, this sock provides lasting warmth inside the boot, Cushioning for extra comfort.

The Warm-Transfer Zone of thermally conductive XITANIT takes the heat generated in the heating coils and transports it to your foot, distributing it evenly. The heating effect kicks in with no delay – saving load on the battery.

Active Cuff
Fits flexibly to any leg circumference without sliding down or constricting blood flow.

Air Conditioning Channel
Ensures permanent air circulation on the boot, keeps the foot dry, with every step.

Shin Protector
Act as a shock absorber, reduces the prevalence of pressure points, and the risk of sustaining scrapes and bruises.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector
Relieves pressure on the Achilles tendon.

Toe Protector
All-round support and cushioning

Toe Tip Protector
Absorbs pressure and adapts perfectly to the shape of the toes.

Cushions and Stabilizes sensitive ankles without restricting movement.

Heel Protector
Protects sensitive heels from skin abrasions and reduces the risk of blisters.

Instep Protector
Distributes pressure to protect from hot spots.

Anatomically shaped footbed

Traverse airflow channel system
Air-conditions the sole of the foot.

30% Acrylic
27% Nylon
26% Polyester
8% Wool
6% Mythlan
3% Elastane

30% Xitaloft
14% Robur
13% Nylon
6% Mythlan
3% Elastane

FWS Pro-S Battery
Designed for Sidas Heated socks

Package Content
1 pair of heat socks
2 Batteries(rechargeable)

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