ZANDONA Spine Jacket X 6 (Kid)


ZANDONA Spine Jacket (Kid) is a 100% made in Italy back protector made by precious materials and by special textiles like S.R.T. (Sweat Removing Textile – very transpiring 3D textile which transfers sweat to the outside), studied to protect the spinal column from collisions while offering a good lumbar support.

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ZANDONA Spine Jacket (Kid) is a back protection gear. It protects the back zone from collisions and to offer a good lumbar support.

It is an high-tech deformable structure composed by splinter-proof plastic materials and by ESACOMP, a system of hexagonal cells which guarantees high shock absorption level. The plates are joined to a drop a wire system which guarantees the impact distribution throughout the whole protection surface.

ZANDONA Spine Jacket (Kid) has the Anti-Torsion System which limits the reward twisting. The gilet is realized with a precious transpiring honeycomb-net tissue, extremely elastic for a perfect adhesion to the body shape.

The back protector is comfortable because it follows and satisfies the natural forward movement of the spinal column and reaches Lev.1 performance according to the EN1621-2 normative since it have been studied to offer the best comfort possible.

Technology: Air Vented, Antitorsion, EN1621-2 Approved, Splinter-Proof Plastic, Sweet Removing Textile, Tested at +/- 20

Uses: Freestyle, Racing, Snowboard, Touring

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