Water and dirt repellent lens thanks to Hydrophobic coating
Individual adjustment through adjustable nose wings
Longer sharper vision thanks to Q-LITE lens technology
Fog-free lenses
100% UV-A, -B, -C protection

Color: Black Matt
Lens : Silver mirror Cat. 3

Color: Cool-grey Matt
Lens : Silver mirror Cat. 3

Quattroflex Lite(Q-Lite) Lens
glare protection
100% protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays
Fogstop coating

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Incredible good looks alone are rarely enough. That’s why the Bonfire comes in a choice of mirrored and Q-LITE versions – both with water- and dirt-repellent Hydrophobic coating. Q-LITE helps you see better, enhances contrasts and is comfortable on the eyes. Longer sharper vision means no tired eyes, more time on the bike, more fun. Adjustable nose wings allow the Bonfire to be customized.

100% UV-A, -B, -C protection
All Alpina lenses provide 100% UV-A-, -B-, -C-protection and thus guarantee excellent eye protection.

All Alpina ski goggles have a Fogstop coating. This is not smooth but rough – on a microscopic level. This prevents moisture from forming a closed layer. So the lens doesn’t fog up and the view remains clear.

Hydrophobic lens
Hydrophobic is a moisture-repellent nano-structure on the lens that allows water to roll off. Dirt is also transported away. The lens is thus not only clean, but dries faster too.

Mirror is a lens on which multiple reflective layers are applied. They provide protection from harsh glares and infrared light. Mirror is not only the feature of a highly functional lens, it’s an element of style.

Quattroflex Lite
Seeing contrast with clarity is a basic feature of sports goggles for ALPINA. This is why we developed the contrast-enhancing Q-Lite technology, which makes contrasts more visible on the trail and the road, helps colours appear richer and provides sharper vision. This allows the eyes to remain focussed for longer so that they are less strained and perform better in crucial moments.

Cylindrical lenses
allow a flat, straight-line goggle construction. Compared to a spherical lens, the distance to the eyes is smaller. Thermoblock and Fogstop effectively prevent icing or fogging of the glasses and ensure a clear view.

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