The sports sunglasses for young athletes
Better contrast through Q-Lite technology
Very lightweight
Adjustable nose pads
100% UV-A, B and C protection

Color: Pumking-orange matt
Lens : Red mirror Cat. 3

Color: Black Matt
Lens : Silver mirror Cat. 3

Quattroflex Lite(Q-Lite) Lens
glare protection
100% protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays
Fogstop coating

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The individual look, a light mirror and the fashionable colours of the ROCKET YOUTH set trends on the trails. And that’s exactly what the MTB glasses are made for. The special construction of the glasses ventilates the contrast-enhancing lens so that it doesn’t tarnish even on sweaty climbs and all the contrasts of the trail are seen perfectly. The adjustable nose pad ensures a good fit of the sports glasses. Thanks to the low weight of just 29 grams, the Rocket Youth is particularly comfortable to wear.

100% UV-A, -B, -C protection
All Alpina lenses provide 100% UV-A-, -B-, -C-protection and thus guarantee excellent eye protection.

Mirror is a lens on which multiple reflective layers are applied. They provide protection from harsh glares and infrared light. Mirror is not only the feature of a highly functional lens, it’s an element of style.

Optimized Airflow
Heavily domed lenses envelop the face perfectly. They protect the eyes from draughts and cold and improve vision. The indirect air flow also prevents the lenses from fogging up.

Quattroflex Lite
Seeing contrast with clarity is a basic feature of sports goggles for ALPINA. This is why we developed the contrast-enhancing Q-Lite technology, which makes contrasts more visible on the trail and the road, helps colours appear richer and provides sharper vision. This allows the eyes to remain focussed for longer so that they are less strained and perform better in crucial moments.

Spherical Lens
The Spherical Lens is spherically domed, providing much better panoramic vision. The enlarged volume inside also optimises climate management inside the goggles. Thermoblock and Fogstop effectively prevent the ski goggles from fogging up.

Decentered lenses
ensure that there are no distortions in the field of vision. The high-quality decentered lenses from Alpina provide outstanding visibility without distortions. A safety plus on the piste.

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