Therm-ic Heating Sole Perform + Power Basic Battery Sets


Sole Perform Unisex
Designed in Austria
Anatomic 3D shape for better support
Stabilization line for better power distribution
High-quality insole material ensures ideal foot climate
EVA foam design
Size Chart

Power Basic Battery
Designed in Austria
Power with 4 AA batteries( rechargeable/disposable)
3 Heat levels
the impulse control stimulates the blood circulation
Suitable for a wide variety of shoes and outdoor activities

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Sole Perform Unisex

1)If necessary, cut the ThermicSole to the desired size. Warning: Do not cut through the power lead! Do not cut into the heating element which is located in the toe region of the insole at the points marked!
2)Place the ThermicSole in the boot.
3)It is best to take the power lead behind the heel and up the calf, Important: For shoes with a liner, we recommend making a cut in the heel area of the inner boot feeding the lead through the cut and taking it upwards along the outside of the liner (between liner and plastic surround).
4)Connect the power lead to one of the Therm-ic battery packs.

1)The heating element lead has been specially developed for demanding conditions and is thus very strong. Fix the lead closely to the boot or body, so that it cannot get caught on other objects (e.g. chair lift).
2)Avoid any unnecessary or excessive wear of the power lead (yanking, straining on insertion), otherwise the lead might get ripped out of the heating element, breaking the supply of power to it.
3)Avoid improper use of the power lead (sharp bending, contact with sharp-edged objects etc.). If the power lead is damaged there is the risk of short circuit.

Thermic Power Basic Battery
suitable for use with all thermic Soles and boots with Thermic Inside
can be used worldwide

Package contents
1 pair of Heated Insoles
2 Power Pack Basic housings ( batteries are not included in the package)

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