Hey Sport Impra Wash-In


Wash-in impregnation with fiber protection for textiles with membranes.
Environmental friendly and sustainable
Preserves breathability and colors for Gore-Tex, Sympatex, Schoeller
Protection against water and dirt

Wash in impregnation rinse for all membrane-textiles.
It reactive the impregnation of the outer layer which is subject to deterioration in connection with use.
Offers strong protection against water and dirt.
Preserve the breathability and brightness of colors.

Made in Germany

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Instruction for use:
Impra wash in is added onto the softener or impregnation section of the machine.
This should be cleaned thoroughly prior to use. Use with a suitable detergent from HEY Sport in one wash. Dosage as indicated in adjacent illustration. Shake the bottle well.
Do not use any additional softener. Impregnates directly in the rinsing phase following washing.
Alternatively the impregnation may be effectively implemented by means of a hand wash.
Short spin at a low speed only for textiles. By means of subsequent application of heat, e.g. in the drier or when ironing. The strength of the impregnation may be increased significantly.
Please adhere to the textile manufacturer’s instructions for case.

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