Hey Sport Down Wash


For fabrics filled with down, for example:
Down jackets / Sleeping bags / Pillows

Washes textiles with down airy-loose and retains functionality.
Suitable for clothes, sleeping bags, pillows, and so on.
Preserves the original volume and resilience of the down.
Cleans and keeps colors beautiful.

Retains the insulating effect of down
Demonstrably improves down filling ability and maintains volume
Has a nourishing effect, the down does not become brittle
No clumping, elasticity is preserved

Made in Germany

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Washes textiles with down deep into the fibers making them light and dry.
It preserves the original volume and buoyancy of the down and prevents formation of any clumps.
Suitable for clothing, sleeping bags, pillows etc.

Instruction for use:
Wash according to textile manufacturer’s instructions.
Measure out as indicated in adjacent illustrations.
Pre washing is only necessary with heavily soiled pr stained garments.

Care tip:
Down Textiles should be dried in the tumble drier with two to three tennis balls.
This fluffs up the down well.

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