Hey Sport Shoe Wash


Cleans footwear for sport, hiking and leisure
Special detergent for cleaning non-leather shoes : Sneakers / running shoes 
For hygienic and thorough cleaning of breathable sports, hiking and leisure shoes
Hygienically clean and deodorizing
Removes odors
Retains the functional properties of sports shoes for a long time
Shoes can be washed without any problems, material joints, for example, glued pieces and seams, are not damaged

Made in Germany

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Cleans leather and textile breathable footwear for sports, hiking and leisure hygienically and deeply. The special formula is kind to seams and adhesive connections. The deodorizing effect restricts unpleasant smells. HEY SPORT SHOE WASH washes without any detrimental effect on colour and contains no optical brighteners, phosphates and bleaching agents.

Instructions for use:
Wash according to textile manufacturer’s instructions.
Measure out as indicated in adjacent illustration.
Impregnate subsequently if required.

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