AXE AX-31 Water Repellent Spray


Jointly developed by eyewear manufacturer AXE and chemical manufacturer SOFT99
A water-repellent spray that does not use petroleum-based solvents and can be used in gas-free rooms.

Safe – can be used indoors or in the car
Functionality – for outdoor clothing and workwear using special functional fibers
Water Repellent – Retains water repellency even after washing
Be assured to use – using mildly acidic ingredients that have cleared skin irritation tests


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Such as sofas and carpets.
Since it is water-based and does not use petroleum-based solvents, it can be used indoors or in the car.
Just spray it in advance to keep it clean, such as food spills and daily dirt.

* Depending on the type of dirt, we may not be able to handle it.

For outdoor clothing and workwear using special functional fibers.
Since each fiber is coated, it is comfortable and stuffy even on wet days.
The water repellent effect is perfect without impairing breathability.

Water Repellent
For umbrellas, suit hems, and children’s athletic shoes.
Keeps the water repellent effect even after washing. If you go out on a bad day or spray it dry before commuting, you can make it comfortable even on rainy days.

* Cannot be used for leather or artificial leather shoes.

Be assured to use
Clothes, aprons, and other things around you.
Because it uses weakly acidic ingredients that have cleared the skin irritation test (*1), you can use it with confidence in various scenes.

*1 This does not mean that skin irritation does not occur in all people.

For car seats and rain covers for bicycles and strollers.
“It’s difficult to wash, but I’m worried about dirt.”

* When using in a narrow space, please ventilate the room.
* Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
* Do not place it out of reach of children.
* Do not spray at people.
* Please do not use it while wearing clothing.
* If you touch clothing after spraying and any abnormalities appear on your skin, stop using immediately.
* Please use with caution so as not to inhale or get in your eyes.
* Store in direct sunlight, places where the temperature is 40°C or higher, and places where it freezes.
* When disposing of, please use up the contents before discarding it.
* Dry thoroughly after spraying. If you use it without drying it, the effect may not be demonstrated.
* Depending on the fabric, it may be difficult to obtain the effect.
* This does not mean that skin irritation does not occur in all people.
* Fibers that are sensitive to water such as silk and rayon, those that may fade or stain, and those that are labeled as non-washable should be tried in an inconspicuous place.
* Due to the nature of coating each fiber and maintaining the breathability of the material, if water particles such as fog are too fine or the water pressure is strong, they may enter through the gaps in the fibers.

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