Mares Hub Avantgarde BCD (Size M)


  • Orbiter second stage
  • Nikos Octopus
  • BC with Dragonfly cut
  • Patented M.R.S. (Mechanical Release System)
  • Accessory pocket
  • Buoyancy bag
  • BC body and pockets made from Ultra-tex
  • Chest strap with 25 mm quick release buckle
  • Rear “Trim weight” weight compartments
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Integrated Airlock System
  • Size M
  • Size Chart

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Mares premium system – equipped with a high performance regulator, octo, MRS weight system and also includes Airlock, Mares pneumatic tank band harnessing system. Every HUB features a rugged metal body second stage along with Mares patented DFC and VAD technology. The result is effortless breathing whether you’re diving at 20 ft. or 180 ft. The ultimate in diving freedom; the HUB system.

Technical characteristics
-Orbiter second stage
-Nikos Octopus
-BC with Dragonfly cut
Combines the advantages of back-mounted BCs with those of the traditional design for perfect buoyancy control in all diving conditions
-Patented M.R.S. (Mechanical Release System)
for the integrated weights. Reliable, simple and easy to use
-Oral inflator stowed in a dedicated compartment, for ease of use
-Accessory pocket
Inside the instrument compartment (gauge are sold separately)
-Buoyancy bag in 1000 denier DuPont Cordura®️ fabric
-BC body and pockets made from Ultra-tex,
a material with exceptionally high resistance to abrasion and aging. The special surface finish minimizes friction against the water, thereby reducing resistance to forward motion
-Chest strap with 25 mm quick release buckle
to keep the shoulder straps in their correct natural position and prevent them from slipping
-Rear “Trim weight” weight compartments, ideal for an optimal distribution of the weights
-Stainless steel rings Two 40 mm rings on the shoulder straps. Two 40 mm rings on the BC body
A carrying bag, made from a special semi-foamed material for maximum protection, is included with the product. The carrying bag is designed to perfectly contain and protect your HUB.
airlock as standard, with dedicated hose is included with the product

Integrated Airlock System
Airlock, an exclusive design patent of Mares, allows you to fasten the HUB to the tank with very little effort, safely and easily. Simply pre-tension the tank retaining band slightly an easy maneuver, thanks to the new buckle. Then, by operating the special control, the tank strap will be pulled tight by the air pressure. A check valve and an automatic mechanical clamping system ensure a stable and secure connection

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