Mares Mission 3 Thermo-Pressure Gauge + Depth Gauge + Compass


Included in the Mission 3 triple console are the thermo-pressure gauge, depth gauge and compass.
Easy and simultaneous reading of instruments and compass.

Composition: thermo-pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass
Boot: shock-resistant elastomer
Hose: 7/16″ UNF – length 90 cm
Dimensions: 220x70x50 mm
Weight: 780 g

Made in Italy

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Mission Depth Gauge
Type: copper-beryllium diaphragm
Depth scale: parabolic, 0-80 m / 0-230 feet
Accuracy: +/-0.3 m 3-6 m (+-1′ 10-20 feet)
+/-1 m 6-30 m (+-3′ 20-100 feet)
+/-2 m 30-80 m (+-6′ 100-230 feet)
Dial plate diameter: 50 mm (1.97″‘)
Dial plate type: blue phosphorescent dial
Calibration: rotary bezel for correct calibration,
depending on temperature and altitude
Maximum depth: luminescent needle
Case: high-resistance technopolymer, scratch-resistant polycarbonate

Mission Compass
Type: side and top reading
Characteristics: liquid-filled, with temperature compensating device
Scale: rotary bezel with luminescent decimal graduation
Max. operative trim: 20°
Dial plate diameter: 40 mm (1.57″)
Case: high-resistance technopolymer, scratch-resistant polycarbonate

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