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Thanks to the new-patented O.P.B. (Optimized Pivoting Blade) system, the Volo guarantees 30% more efficiency than traditional fins, with a unique and quintessentially design.
• Variable angle between the blade and foot pocket: 21° (+ 40° -30°)
• System of expandable inserts for regulating and optimizing the thrust angle

Made in Italy

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-Compact blade, incorporating the Channel Thrust Technology system,for optimal channeling of the fluid streams
-Stabilizers to eliminate ankle torsion phenomena
-Soft anatomical foot pocket with ribbed insole for an improved fit and more efficient transmission of the finning action
-Innovative technopolymers for maximum elastic return, high durability, light weight and resistance to aging
-Thermoplastic rubber coating on the ribs for superior performance and maximum resistance to abrasion
-Differential thickened sections in the blade and foot pocket, optimized at every point through detailed computer-aided structural analysis
-New ABS buckle with locking catch system

The only fin in the world to boast 8 patents. With Volo, your dives will be more comfortable and last longer, thanks to the increased thrust which results in reduced air consumption with an easy kick.

technical specifications
Type: open heel
operating principle : O.P.B. system (patented)
Material : technopolymers
blade (regular) :
length: 35 cm / in 13.8
thrust area: 750 cm2 / 117 in2
buckles: ABS system (patented)

O.P.B (Optimized Pivoting Blade) Patented
During the finning stroke the structure of traditional fins tends to limit the flexing angle of the blade. As a result, and especially during the downward kick, only a small portion of the blade pushes the water in the direction of motion, while the remaining part pushes the water in the opposite direction. s

The O.P.B. system, patented by Mares, ensures that the blade is always at an optimal angle during both the upward and downward strokes, thus considerably increasing efficiency and ensuring that all the diver’s muscular effort translates into effective thrust in the direction of motion.

Another limitation of traditional fins is the degradation of the thrust produced during the finning stroke, with substantial differences between the maximum and minimum values. The O.P.B. system, on the other hand, ensures optimal thrust throughout every phase of the finning stroke, thereby minimizing fatigue and affording much
more fluid movement through the water.

The O.P.B. system also makes it possible to virtually eliminate the dead angles that normally exist when using traditional fins.

ABS (Adjustable Binding System) Patented
1) Even when released, the strap keeps its original adjustment.
2) simply press to close the lever. The foot is held in position.
3) Two-side adjustments for perfect heelpiece centering.
4) The VOLO fin features new ABS system, in which the buckle is secured by means of a simple and effective slider catch.

Introduction of Mares Fastening System
1. MARES fastening system for easy one-hand adjustment.
2. The safety catch can be used to guard against accidental opening. Be careful not to force the safety catch. Remember to release the safety catch before opening the lever.
3. Opening is extremely simple: just pull the lever, the strap will loosen but it will not totally release the foot, so that the fin will not be lost in the water.
4. Here is the open MARES system.
simple and clever.
Loosening and tightening the strap will never after the original adjustment.
5.Closing is as easy as opening, even in the water: by pressing the same lever, the fin immediately becomes the natural extension of your foot.
6.Press the button and pull the strap for your final customized adjustment.No further tuning will ever be necessary.
7. Adjustment applies to both sides. Once centered, the strap heel always remains perfectly in place.

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