Hey Sport Leather Combi Wash


For a combination of leather and textiles, for example for:

breeches / leather gloves / cycling shorts / lambskin leather

Cleans leather and all leather-textile combinations and keeps the color intact.
Retains the functionality of material combinations, spares seams and joints.
Keeps leather soft, supple and in shape, protecting functionality.

Specially developed for leather and leather/textile combinations
Connections between leather and textiles remain smooth
Retains specific material properties
Special additions keep the leather supple and in good condition

Made in Germany

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Caringly cleans leather and leather-textile combination.
It keeps leather supple and ensures that the form of the leather remains stable.
Preserves the functions of the material-mix and is kind to seams and connections.
Suitable for lambskin.

Instruction for use:
Wash according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Dosage as indicated in adjacent diagram.
Pre-washing is only necessary with heavily soiled or stained garments.

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