Hey Sport Travel Global Wash


Hygiene while traveling
In a practical 100 ml travel size – suitable for hand luggage during air travel
Gently and thoroughly cleans textiles, crockery, skin and hair
Global Wash can be used anywhere – in nature and even with salt water
Fully biodegradable – according to the test report of the SGS Institut Fresenius (06/2012)
Free from synthetic fragrances and colorants. Dermatologically tested.
Economical in use

Made in Germany

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Gently and thoroughly cleanses skin and hair, textiles and crockery. With the natural cleansing power of wax nuts and mild human cosmetic surfactants. Global Wash can be used anywhere – in the great outdoors and even with salt water. Rapidly biodegradable*. May be carried on the plane in the hand luggage.

Instructions for use:
Please always use sparingly – very efficient.
Rinse textiles thoroughly after using Travel Global Wash.

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